Tips for Chairing Committees Effectively

  • Always  lead by example
  • Carefully plan your agenda; think of an agenda as a roadmap that will ensure your meeting serves its purpose
  • Know where you are going; review the meeting objectives and desired outcomes in your opening remarks
  • Make sure everyone participates in the discussion
  • Anyone who voices a problem must also offer a potential solution…committee meetings should not be a bitching session or a forum for complaining about everything and everyone
  • Ensure that committee members take ownership in desired outcomes by inviting them to do something to support the goals of the committee
  • Delegate but have realistic expectations of the amount of work that should be asked from each members given their respective responsibilities
  • Provide an agenda at least 4 days prior to the meeting date
  • Indicate business items to be discussed versus decided upon
  • Circulate minutes no later than 10 days following the meeting
  • Chairs can also send a quick “to do list” summary the day after the meeting by email
  • Evaluate your committee from time to time by asking members about their experience on the committee
  • Say thank you often and celebrate successes
  • Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously

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